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            The technology to host the 2014 stevioside 360 ° Industry Forum
            Date:2014 Years7 Month19 Day Browse [2207]

            This morning, a two day "fourth session of stevioside 360 ° Industry Forum" was held in Shanghai Jiulong Hotel. The conference attracted Ganzhou Julong, Jiangsu lotus biological, Chengdu wagott pharmaceutical, Shandong Saint Ouen pharmaceutical, Inner Mongolia security in agricultural and other plant extract manufacturers, suppliers CEOs, executives of more than 50 people, explore the development of the industry. The technology manager Wang Junyan, Chinese Stevia Association honorary director Liu Chuanzhu, general manager of Ganzhou Julong High-tech Industrial Co., Sun Jingwen, College of life science, Nanjing Normal University professor Chen Yuru attended the morning meeting and make wonderful speech.

            Chinese Stevia Association honorary director Liu Chuanzhu delivered a speech

            Liu Chuanzhu director, elaborates the development history of Stevia industry, in-depth analysis of the status quo of Stevia industry and huge opportunity, development prospects of the industry expressed the desire. Ganzhou Julong high-tech industry limited company general manager Sun Jingwen shared the active ingredients of the stevia extraction process and application prospects. Professor Chen Yuru of Nanjing Normal University College of life science to detailed market survey, the Australian sweetener Stevia characteristics, the latest research and development of new products.

            Afternoon, vice president and chief scientist Liu Jian Shanghai Yongyou Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Professor Xia Yongmei School of chemical and material engineering, Jiangnan University, Professor of Southeast University of biotechnology and medical engineering Jimin on Stevia development in Europe and the United States market and practical application of stevioside and its derivatives, application and safety research, stevioside and isosteviol modification and biological activity research of structure progress continues with the guests exchange.

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